Designed For:

Routine, Operational, Annual and Post Installation Inspections of:

Outdoor & Indoor Playgrounds

Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs)



Outdoor Gym Equipment

The Small World Inspections App will revolutionise the Inspection & Risk Management Industry.

  • The latest and most detailed Indoor Soft Play Areas, Outdoor Playgrounds, Outdoor Gym Equipment, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs), Skatepark and Parkour Equipment Inspection system available.
  • Full European Standards built in to the Annual and Post Installation reports.
  • The Routine and Operational reports are simplified reports and suitable for the level of inspection required.
  • Seperate Risk Assessment templates which enables any building or assets to be Risk Assessed.

App Features

Never before has so much critical information been available at your fingertips.

Easy To Use Interface

The App is tiered for all users with only relevant data capture exposed creating an easy to use interface. This increases efficiency and improves productivity, speeding up the lead time from the onsite inspection to client receiving the final report.

Easy To Set Up

By using the desktop manager interface, inspectors and managers can be easily setup, allowing them to build jobs and reports which will then be available to access through the app.

Unlimited Inspectors & Managers

There are no limits on the amount of managers and inspectors that can be added allowing all relevant personnel to sign in and access or create reports.

Reduce Paper Storage

Using an iPad onsite to conduct inspections reduces administration time in the office and abandons the need for paper storage.

Access Anywhere

Reports are instantly produced and stored on the cloud based web management, allowing instant access from the manager in the office.

With offline mode, partially completed or completed reports will be automatically saved with no need for a data connection.

Summary & Detail Reports

Once completed, both detailed and summarised reports can be easily exported and emailed or printed out to send to the relevant client.

How It Works

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How It Works


The manager builds and schedules a report securely online on a desktop, with full control of the system and inspectors.


Inspectors log in using an iPad and visit their assigned site. They record all data for the inspection through the application, noting condition, appearance, and potential risk. Photographs can be taken, and are attached.


When the inspection is finished, the file is completed by synchronising the app to the secure cloud server, where the report is held.


The Manager has access to the data through a secure connection, and can choose to retrieve both summarised or detailed reports in its completed form at any time.


The generated reports can be emailed or printed out locally, as required, reducing the need for paper storage.


What type of inspections is the app used for?

Small World Inspections specialises in the inspection of Outdoor Play Areas, Indoor Soft Play Areas, Parkour, Outdoor Gym Equipment, Multi Use Games Areas, Skate Parks and General Risk Assessments. It is ideal for Routine, Operational and Post installation inspections.

What are the benefits?

Small World Inspections app is simple to set up has an easy to use interface which allows for an unlimited number of inspectors and managers to connect. By using an iPad on site to conduct inspections, reports are instantly produced and stored on the cloud. This allows instant access from the manager to reports, abandoning the need for paper storage and reducing administration time in the office.

How are users set up?

By using the desktop manager interface, inspectors and managers can be easily setup, allowing them to build jobs and reports which will then be available to access through the app.

Where are the reports saved & are they secure?

Reports are saved on a cloud based management system. Data transfer to the cloud storage is secure and encrypted, ensuring data protection and confidentially of reports.

Do I need to own an iPad?

It is not necessary to have your own iPad, Small World Inspections present opportunities to rent tablets. Contact our team on (0) 28 9266 6519 for more information.

How much does it cost?

Contact Small World Inspections on +44 (0) 289266 6519 or Email to get a quote or find the best package to suit you.

How do I get the Small World Inspections App?

You have to download it via the App Store, the app is currently only available for iPad devices, so it will not appear when using the iPhone to search the App Store.

What do I need to use the App?

You need to be a registered client, once we’ve got you on our system, you’ll be given a manager level username and a password which you can use to login and create inspectors. Currently, only inspectors can log into the App to perform inspections.

How do I become a registered client?

You need to contact the office on +44 (0) 289266 6519 or Email to start the registration process.

I'm not ready to become a client yet, can I see what the app is capable of?

Yes, contact the office and a demo account will be provisioned with your details, you’ll be added as an inspector so you can create inspections that would be used to create full reports.

Can I see the reports for the inspections that I create with the demo account?

No, only managers can see the reports, demo accounts are restricted to inspector level only. A sample report is available on the website

Sample Downloads

Annual Inspection Report – Sample

Summary Annual Inspection Report – Sample

Routine Inspection Report – Sample

Summary Routine Inspection Report – Sample

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