Paperless, cloud based inspection app for the play and recreation industry

Available on App Store and Play Store.

Paperless, cloud based inspection app for the play and recreation industry

Available on App Store and Play Store.


Established in 2016 we are a company on a journey of growth and partnership. Our mission is to enable individuals and organisations across the playground and risk management industry transform their safety inspection regime.

Our roots are deeply embedded in the industry through the experience and expertise of our Managing Director and RPII Registered Inspector, Melville Campbell. Since 2009 Melville has been at the forefront of providing risk management and safety solutions across the UK and Ireland. The Small World Inspections App is his brainchild and it is his background that has been a catalyst in designing the practical and ergonomic interface which masks a complex, intelligent and data driven engine behind the app.

Small World Inspections has been designed from the ground up and tested at all stages by industry experts –it is the most intelligent and user-friendly play and recreation inspection software on the market. By using the latest technology we can ensure a smooth and efficient reporting relationship between Managers, Inspectors and Maintenance contractors.

The App is designed for Routine, Operational, Annual and Post Installation Inspections of:
Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds,
including Soft-Play Areas
Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)
Skate parks
Outdoor Gym Equipment

It can also be used for Maintenance, Bespoke, Pricing and Risk Assessment reports across industries.



    Our Small World Inspections App
    is packed full of features


    Easy to use interface

    The app is tiered for all users with relevant data capture in view. This increases efficiency and improves productivity, speeding up the time from inspection to final report.

    The playground inspection app that goes everywhere.

    Easy to set up

    Use the desktop manager interface and easily set up inspectors and managers, allowing them to create jobs and reports available through the app.

    The best playground inspection app in the market.

    Unlimited inspectors & managers

    There’s no limits to the number of managers and inspectors you can add allowing all relevant team members to sign in and access or create reports.

    The playground inspection app that covers the most comprehensive level of reports.


    Reduces the use of paper

    Using a smart device cuts down admin time and removes the need for paper storage.

    Access anywhere

    Reports are instantly produced and stored in the cloud, allowing instant access from anywhere.

    The playground inspection app that includes mapping.

    Summary & detailed reports

    Once completed, both detailed and summarised reports can be easily exported and emailed, or printed out to send to your client.

    The playground inspection app that includes risk assessment.

    How it works

    Take control of your inspections in five easy steps.

    Step 1

    Facility content is built on the desktop and reports are scheduled to an inspector.

    Step 2

    Assigned inspectors log in using their smart device and visit the assigned site.

    Step 3

    The inspection is completed using photographs and pre-populated findings for each item.

    Step 4

    When the inspection is completed the report is synchronised to a secure server using the app.

    Step 5

    The manager has access to the data instantaneously and can retrieve completed reports.

    Step 6

    Full reports and summary reports can be emailed to maintenance contractors for pricing.

    Step 7

    Pricing and maintenance reports can now be scheduled to maintenance contractors for completion.

    Step 8

    All completed report types are stored securely and can be accessed by any manager assigned to the desktop interface.


    The playground inspection app that goes everywhere.


    Click on the questions to get all the answers you need.

    What type of inspections is the app used for?

    Outdoor Play areas, Indoor Soft Play areas, Parkour, Outdoor Gym Equipment, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs), Skate Parks and General Risk Assessments. It’s ideal for Routine, Operational and Post-Installation inspections.

    How are users set up?

    By using the desktop manager interface, inspectors and managers can be easily setup, allowing them to build jobs and reports which are available to access through the app.

    How much does it cost?

    Contact us on +44 (0)2892 666519 or email to get a quote and find the best package to suit you.

    What do I need to use the app?

    Your smart device will need a minimum of iOS 12.0 and Android 9.0. You also need to be a registered client. Once we receive your details you’ll be able to download the app and receive a manager level username and a password which you can use to login and create both managers and inspectors to the level of your contract.

    I'm not ready to become a client yet, can I see what the app is capable of?

    Yes. Contact us and we’ll set up a demo account for you. You’ll be added as an inspector so you can create inspections that would be used to create full reports.

    What are the benefits?

    The app is simple to set up. It has an easy-to-use interface which allows for an unlimited number of inspectors and managers to connect. Reports are instantly produced and stored in the cloud. This allows instant access from the manager to reports, cutting down the need for paper storage and reducing administration time.

    Where are reports saved & are they secure?

    Reports are saved in the cloud. Data transfer to the cloud storage is secure and encrypted, ensuring data protection and confidentially.

    How do I get the app?

    You can download it from the Apple App store or Google Play.

    How do I become a registered client?

    You need to contact the office on +44 (0)2892 666519 or email  to start the process.

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    The best playground inspection app in the market.




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